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An uncommon commitment to excellence; FORTUNE 50 ® performance, vision and leadership; industry-leading benefits and work/life programs; the chance to build a better future with one of America's most recognized and respected companies. The question shouldn't be "Why Lowe's?" but rather, "Why would you want to work anywhere else?"
More than 210,000 skilled employees call Lowe's home. They've found there's no better place for dedicated people with the talent and tools to succeed. Take a closer look.


At Lowe's,  it has built an employee family that people feel is second to none. That's why they offer an industry-leading benefits program that provides the protection, peace of mind and flexibility they need to build a better life -- both at home and at work.
From comprehensive health and life insurance plans, to work/life programs, a 401(k) and a discount stock purchase plan, Lowe's employees can choose the coverage that best fits their unique needs. The benefits options include:

Comprehensive Health Insurance
Term Life & Other Insurance

Income Protection



Part-Time Benefits

Other Benefits

Training & Development

Lowe's has grown to become a respected FORTUNE 50 ® industry leader with more than 1,500 locations and 200,000+ employees.

Lowe's is dedicated to helping their employees maximize their existing skills, and develop new talents and leadership abilities, through specialized programs including:

The New Employee Training Program (NETP)
The New Employee Training Program (NETP) is a comprehensive training program designed to align employees' experiences with Lowe's culture, vision and strategic initiatives. Throughout the first 90 days of employment, newly hired employees will participate in a series of meetings and training sessions that will help familiarize them with Lowe's working environments and culture, and educate them on the Company's history, vision and values.

Meet the New Team (Week 1)
Getting to know a new environment and meeting new team members is a great way to start off on the right foot. During the first week of employment, new hires meet with their hiring Manager and team, and begin the transition into their new department and role. 

New Employee Orientation Session (NEO) (Week 1 or Week 2)  
In NEO, new employees are introduced to each other, and are given a guided tour of the specifics of Lowe's Customer Support Center (CSC). Informative presentations include discussions of our rich history, exciting present and our goals for the future.

Lowe's Hourly Pays

Customer Service Associate - Hourly Rate $10.5/hr   from $8 to $14
Lowe's Cashier - Hourly Rate Salaries  $9.50/hr    from $7 to $12
Lowe's Department Manager - Hourly Rate Salaries  $15/hr    from $12 to $21

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