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There are over 1600 target stores in the United States, means there are many, many jobs out there. Target boasts a fun, friendly, and fast-paced atmosphere. The company embraces the challenge to create the most efficient shopping experience possible. Target also embraces diversity in its staff. The company sees the usefulness of individuality.

The energy at Target is contagious. The Target team boasts an impressive list of accomplishments yet knows the biggest challenges lie ahead. Goals are clear, challenging and met through teamwork. In Target stores, guests find a clean, organized, welcoming atmosphere and smart, stylish merchandise. Creating this shopping experience for guests begins with creating a great workplace for team members.

Fast, Fun and Friendly

The pace is fast, the atmosphere is fun and the people are friendly. Every team members from stores to Distribution Centers to corporate offices is empowered and encouraged to innovate, contribute ideas and discover solutions. People at Target are respected and recognized for their work and know they are a unique and important part of a world-class team.

Speed Is Life

Target has grown to become America's second-largest retailer through many different successes. Yet, in today's ultra-competitive retail market, each success must fuel the next and speed is essential in the ongoing race to lead the industry. We need to become more efficient, more intelligent and provide guests with the best shopping experience possible both in stores and online.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Target respects and values the individuality of all team members and guests.  They know that an inclusive environment, where all contributions are valued, is critical to ensuring future success. The power of individuality and the strength created when teams leverage those unique capabilities and experiences are essential to our shared vision of remaining an industry leader.

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Applying Online

Target provides you with the opportunity to apply for jobs from the comfort of your home office or sofa.

When you start the application process online, you'll not only be asked if you're seeking an hourly or salaried job and whether you're an experienced professional or college student right off the bat, but you'll be able to conduct a search. You can search current openings in your area as well as find out more about working at Target.   Get job updates through RSS Feed or email. You even can choose the type of job information, depending on who you are.

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Target Hourly Pay

Target pays Cashier hourly $8/hr, range from $7 to $10 per hour. Sales Floor Team Member hourly rate is $8.13 on average, range from $7 to $10. For Assistant Executive Team Leader, yearly salary is $51,500 on average, range from $38k to $70k.

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