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Costco has won a reputation for having the best benefits in retail, a sector where labor costs account for about 80% of a typical company's total expenses. Costco Wholesale Corp. often is held up as a retailer that does it right, paying well and offering generous benefits.

Costco vs. Wal-Mart as reported by the companies.

Employees covered by company health insurance
Costco 82%
Wal-Mart 48%

Insurance-enrollment waiting periods (for part-time workers)
Costco 6 months
Wal-Mart 2 years

Portion of health-care premium paid by company
Costco 92%
Wal-Mart 66%

Annual worker turnover rate
Costco 24%
Wal-Mart 50%

Costco pays starting employees at least $10 an hour, and with regular raises a full-time hourly worker can make $40,000 annually within 3.5 years. Cashiers are paid $10.50 to $17.50 an hour.

Costco also pays 92% of its employees' health-insurance premiums, much higher than the 80% average at large U.S. companies. Wal-Mart pays two-thirds of health-benefit costs for its workers. Costco's health plan offers a broader range of care than Wal-Mart's does, and part-time Costco workers qualify for coverage in six months, compared with two years for Wal-Mart part-timers.

"From day one, we've run the company with the philosophy that if we pay better than average, provide a salary people can live on, have a positive environment and good benefits, we'll be able to hire better people, they'll stay longer and be more efficient," says Richard Galanti, Costco's chief financial officer.

Costco has several advantages over Wal-Mart that help it extend such unusually generous pay and benefits. Costco has a more-upscale reputation than Sam's Club, helping it attract shoppers with higher incomes. The average Costco store rings up $115 million in annual sales, almost double the Sam's Club average. And Costco, which charges $45 to $100 for yearly memberships, doesn't spend any money on advertising.

Costco says its higher pay boosts loyalty: Its employee turnover rate is 24% a year. Wal-Mart's overall employee turnover rate is 50%, about in line with the retail-industry average. Wal-Mart doesn't break out turnover rates at Sam's Club. High turnover creates added expense for retailers because new workers have to be trained and are not as efficient.

What are you looking for in a career?

  • Exciting opportunities
  • Personal and career growth
  • Friendly and supportive work environment
  • Stability
  • A workplace focused on ethics and obeying the law
  • Great benefits

Costco offers all these and more!!

Merchandising is the lifeblood of Costco. Employees can begin their careers in the warehouse setting, becoming experts in Costco merchandising and operations but the company also offers diverse career opportunities throughout the warehouse as well, such as Accounting, Buying, Graphic Arts, Journalism, Information Systems, Human Resources, and Law, to name a few. Additionally, Costco is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work and loyalty. In fact,Costco promote 85% of our management team from within!

Costco and You - A Perfect Fit!

Costco offers great jobs, great pay, great benefits and a great place to work! If you are an ambitious, high-energy person who enjoys a fast-paced team environment laced with challenges and opportunities, you've come to the right place. Costco's successful employees are service-oriented people with integrity and commitment toward a common goal - excellence in every area of their personal and business lives.

Current staff have to say about Costco

"This is a terrific place to work. Certainly we work hard but that's a great ethic to have and comes naturally in this environment. We all work together here and enjoy what we do." Henry Beavis works within our Edinburgh location as a Baker.

"This is probably the best place that I have ever worked. I feel part of a winning team and go home believing that my efforts have made a real difference" Sally Pookie works as a Cashier within our Derby Location.

"I have worked for Costco for 4 years now and feel that they have invested in me and believe in my future as an employee. I am proud to be a Costco Man" Jon Ingram works as a Supervisor in our Gateshead Location

"When I first joined Costco some 10 years ago, there was a subliminal desire to try and convert the Corporate Culture into a more British format. We all soon realised that the systems, procedures working practises and even the culture didn't need changing and while those around us have seen differing fortunes, Costco Wholesale has enjoyed continuous growth and quite staggering levels of staff stability and satisfaction." Sue Knowles was one of our first UK Employees having joined us from an established UK wholesaler.

Typical Jobs within a Costco Warehouse

Each Costco Warehouse considers applications for Full and Part-Time work in the following positions:

  • Baker Butcher
  • Cafe Assistant
  • Cashier Cake Decorator
  • Packer
  • Stocker Fork
  • Lift Driver
  • Optical Dispenser
  • Tyre Fitter
  • Maintenance
  • Photo Technician
  • Goods In
  • Cash Office
  • Customer Services
  • Wrappers (Butchery and Bakery)

Costco is an equal employment opportunity employer as well as a drug and alcohol free workplace.

For employment opportunities at the home office, you can send your resume to For more information, click here

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